Business Analysis

Grants, Fundraising, and Proposals

A Wordsmith is a person who uses words skillfully!  Grant Writers are Wordsmiths that use words artfully to advocate and persuade the granting of funds to non-profits so that they may meet and achieve the goals of their organizations.

We write to the mission and vision of our clients, delivering a successful grant.


Our Process:

The Fiver P’s of Success

Proper ▪ Planning ▪ Project ▪ Present ▪ Performance

Proper Planning:

You are ready to serve and have a vision for a non-profit.  How do you begin? What is the process?  What is the procedure for the paperwork?

You have your IRS Determination letter, how do a develop my program?

Your program structure is in place, how do you begin to fund your program?

Blesid can answer all these questions and provide you the services to achieve all the steps needed.  We can assist with drafting and filing your 501(C)(3) paperwork and drafting your By-Laws.  We are here to assist in the development of your program and expanding new programs.


Blesid is here to assist you in achieving your non-profits vision and mission!  Let us be a part of your success.


Creating a timeline or projection for the success and growth of your organization is crucial.  Blesid can not only provide timelines for program growth and development but also grant funding.


Now it is time to fund your organization.  Blesid can assist with creating award-winning grant application: city, community, foundation, state, and federal.  We also can assist with developing your fundraising programs: email, direct letter, and event.  We will develop the best package to fund your non-profit or project.


You are funded and need to develop a proper metrics program to measure success.  Let Blesid work with you to develop key measuring tools to highlight your programs success.  A program with strong metrics is key to a consistent funding pool.




Why A Proposal Plan

Why A Proposal Plan:

  • Aid with critical decisions
  • Prove the viability of the business
  • Set out your business goals
  • Measure your progress
  • Marketing and customer acquisition

Business Insight

Strategic Planning

  • Clarify your business plan
  • Spot potential business problems
  • Set out your business goals
  • Measure your progress
  • Marketing and customer acquisition